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Wimberley  P-5 Camera Body Plate  

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Overview:  We set out to design a simple Arca-Swiss style universal plate that provide...


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Wimberley-P-5 Camera Body Plate-Tripods, Monopods and Support Accessories



We set out to design a simple Arca-Swiss style universal plate that provides the same quality of construction, solid connection, and anti-twist characteristics of custom plates.

How Does It Work?

The P-5 features a thin layer of dense, textured rubber on its top surface. This coating grips the bottom of your camera, but is so dense and thin that it maintains the solid feel of a metal-to-camera connection.

Beneath the rubber, the top surface of the plate is machined to ensure that the frictional force is concentrated on the outer portions of the plate. This provides the maximum mechanical advantage to resist twisting.

P-5 Features
Universal Design

  • No need to buy a new plate when you buy a new camera
  • Use the P-5 on your camera with or without the vertical grip attached
  • Use the P-5 for backup camera bodies, medium format cameras, even collared lenses

Dual Safety Stops

The P-5 features the same unique dual safety stops found on our lens plates


The P-5's thin profile and generously rounded corners make it easy on the hands; it blends beautifully with the contours of your camera.


The P-5 will work on nearly any camera body. The universal design of the P-5 allows you to use it for many other applications as well (camcorders, collared lenses, point-and-shoot cameras, etc.). If you own the Canon D-60, please read the "Warnings" section below.

It is best suited for high-end cameras that have metal skeletons and metal threads. It will also perform well on less expensive, plastic-bodied cameras, but it is important to use caution and not over-tighten the plate on these cameras (see "Warnings" section below).

Canon Digital Rebel XT & XTI Compatibility problem: The P-5 will work on the original Digital Rebel, but it covers part of the battery cover on the Digital Rebel XTand XTI.


Universal camera body plates such as the P-5 require that you tighten the plate snugly to your camera body to ensure that they do not twist. The design of the P-5 resists twisting with minimal clamping force; however, caution must be exercised when using any plate on camera bodies that do not have a metal skeleton, and especially for those with plastic threads.

Camera Body Flex & the Canon D-60

The P-5 and many other universal plates have a shallow cut-out on the top surface of the plate that focuses the clamping force on the outer ends of the plate where the mechanical advantage is greatest. Plastic camera bodies will slightly flex into this cut-out when the plate is tightened. We have heard of rare occasions, with older first-generation plastic-bodied cameras, where this flex has caused problems. Generally, this does not occur with newer cameras; however, we learned of a customer who experienced a temporary malfunction of his Canon D-60 which may have been caused by camera body flex. We own a D-60 and have not been able to replicate this problem (even after over-tightening the P-5 plate). Thus, the incident may have been unique to the customer's particular camera; however, if you own a D-60, please be aware of this issue. Please contact us if you experience any such difficulties with the D-60 or any other camera body.

Safety stop screws on our plates work best with Wimberley quick-release clamps. Our clamps have channels of a specific depth that go almost to the center. These channels allow a full range of forward and back motion but will not let the plate slip out if the clamp becomes a little loose.

Our stop screws may or may not work well, or at all, with other manufacturers' quick-release clamps. Some clamps may have channels that are too shallow or deep for our plate stops to work effectively. Some do not have channels at all, but the stop screws may catch on the outside of the clamp sufficiently to prevent the plate from sliding through. However, fore-aft movement will be limited so you may need to use a longer plate in this situation.

Arca-Swiss Z1 users: The safety-stop security feature of our plates does not work when used with the Arca-Swiss “double-decker” screw-knob quick-release or lever-release (flip-lock) clamp. We recommend replacing the double-decker clamp with our C-10AS modified clamp, or ordering the Z1 ball head without a quick-release clamp and installing our C-10AS, if this safety feature is important to you. Please contact us for details.










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